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Welcome to Barb and Stan Pope's Place. We have a wide variety of our original Scouting-related information. You will also find a few pages by other authors whose work we host because of its significant content.

We have selected this information so that it will not duplicate what you can find elsewhere on the Internet. It includes original material on Pinewood Derby race management and race car design, 2-liter pop bottle rocket launcher, Cub Scout Roundtable, and other Scouting topics, as well as a few personal insights by Stan and Barb Pope.

Our home is in the central part of Illinois, a few miles south-east of Peoria. It is here that we have reared our children and done our Scouting.

The contents of this site resided for over a decade at "members.aol.com/standcmr" (aka "users.aol.com/standcmr". In October, 2008, AOL announced that at the end of October AOL would cease hosting member sites. Argh!!! Bad timing! Anyway, I migrated the entire site, 200+ pages to "www.stanpope.net" and tried to retain the same directory structure and page names. Then I replaced the entire AOL site (three of them, actually) with small pages that would advise the reader of the change and automagically load the page from the new site. I know that some of that is happening, but it will not fix the couple thousand external links to my old site. Hopefully the authors of those other site links will catch 'em and repair 'em.

To that end, I am including this notice that members.aol.com/standcmr files are now located at www.stanpope.net. Similarly, members.aol.com/stanpope and members.aol.com/stanpope2 files are now located at www.stanpope.net. Maybe this notice of equivalence will be indexed so that google (and other search engines) will help those site authors to "make the connection". It is way too much to hope that those authors would discover the move during the three week transition period!

Here are pages that define the URL relationships between the old and new pages:

  1. Links from "members.aol.com"
  2. Links from "users.aol.com"
  3. Links from "hometown.aol.com"