Derbies Galore
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PowWow 2009
WD Boyce Council, BSA

The "Derbies Galore" PowWow session targets adult Scouters who are responsible for organizing a pack derby.
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Welcome to my POWWOW session on Derbies Galore!

If you are here for Swedish Bikini Team Tryouts, you're in the wrong room!

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So, in a moment of euphoric weakness, you said “Yes, I'd love to Organize this Derby!”

The committee probably had a specific type of derby in mind, but we'll review the alternatives, look at your resources, and see what they all have in common.

Boys of Cub Scout age are highly competitive! Competitions such as Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, and Space Derby are popular among youngsters.

They are used in Cub Scouting because of what a youngster can learn doing them. Winning is not the purpose ... the racing environment and the opportunity to win provide the method by which the purposes of Scouting are accomplished.

Boy and family member works to build a car.

Boy races the car.

Boy and family member builds a rocket

Boy races the rocket.

Boy and family member build a racing boat.

Boy races the boat.

A bit different ... only a few groups able to make this a “one car per family” event.

More likely it is a “den versus den” event.

Course layout and event safety is really important!

This can really get the parents involved.

For many of us, it teaches patience.

Almost anyone can build a kite! But will it fly?

Pushmobiles are “Cubmobiles with a handle on the back for pushing”.

Another “team event”

A bare 2-liter bottle will “fly”.

But it is even better if the boy and his family has made a “custom rocket” by combining a 2-liter bottle, some duct tape, and some cut out pieces of plastic.

The HOW-TO BOOK is full of useful stuff for Den and Pack leaders! It belongs in your personal library!

BSA Publication # 33832A Chapter 6. Special Pack Activities

a. Head-to-head, first to reach finish line wins. (If neither finishes, farthest travel wins)
b. Elimination formats
c. Cumulative heat times
d. Cumulative heat points

a. Focus rules on aspects that matter!

b. Express the dividing line between legal and illegal.

c. Try for the least restrictions possible that keep the project "within reason."

d. Avoid rules that produce "magic bullets", i.e. single superior design choices involving expensive

Derby Talk is great!

If you dig shallowly enough in “Pope's Pinewood Pages” you will find my “published online” book. You have a “free pass.”

Discuss from Page 6-1 and 6-2 copies

If it is a district or council event, add even more lead time!

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