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Ma-ny years a-go on this ver-y night
Some peo-ple ga-thered 'round a camp-fire's light
Ev-'ry-one was say-ing the world was in a mess
Not e-nough peo-ple try-ing to do their best. (So...)


...They took a lit-tle Blue
and they took a lit-tle Gold
They took a lit-tle boy about eight years old
Turned him a-round and lo and be-hold
That's how it came a-bout
The night they made the first Cub Scout.

Now they come in ev-'ery size, they come in ev'ry shape
And ev-'ry-where they are, the world's a bet-ter place
Ev-'ry Bob-cat and Bear, ev-'ry Wolf and We-be-los
Re-mem-bers that night ma-ny years a-go. (When...)

(Repeat chorus)

Ti-ger Cubs are new, the boys aren't ve-ry old
You know it won't be long be-fore they wear the blue and gold
To Search, Dis-co-ver, Share with their par-ents in tow
Hea-ded down the path that star-ted years a-go. (When...)

(Repeat Chorus)

Lea-ders are the ones who make the pro-gram go
And Trai-ners are the ones to put the lea-ders in the know
How the Pro-mise and the Law help the Cub Scout Grow
And Blos-som on the trail that star-ted years a-go. (When...)

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, yes, ...

(Repeat Chorus)

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