Learn to Build A Winner (Cont'd)

Woodshop 101

In this chapter of the book, we will talk about how to build your Car. This is not a formula for a winning Car. Rather, we will talk about some ways to accomplish the things that were described in the last chapter. We will talk about some alternatives and some trade-offs.

I will assume some minimum tools. If you don't have them, I'll bet that you have a friend or family member who does or who can help you locate them. One thing you will find is that there are loads of people willing to help if only they are asked.

Before you use any tool, stop and think. First, think about safety questions. If it is an electrical tool, is there a shock hazard? Are there any sharp edges? How will the material (work piece) be held in place while I cut (sand, saw, etc.)? What is the safest way to do the job?

Second, is this the right time to do this step? Have all of the necessary preparatory steps been completed.

Some of this material draws on my contributions to the 1992 and 1993 W. D. Boyce Council POW WOW books. While I know of no incorrect information in those contributions, I think that this writing should be considered more complete than what I supplied for those POW WOW books.


  1. Tools and Materials
  2. Order of Steps
  3. Wheel Preparation
  4. Axle Preparation
  5. Wheel Alignment Techniques
  6. Materials and Construction practices to avoid
  7. Sample designs

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