Ron Morrison's Pinewood Derby Plaques

As an example of what can be done when someone is really determined... I submit the following E-Mail and pictures, shared with me by Ron Morrison, Cubmaster of Pack 240.
To: Stan Pope

I wanted to thank you for sharing your stuff with everyone.

As you recall, I committed to use your plaque idea for our district race. (you sent several copies of the shelf to me)

Today we (my co-chair, Art Brown, and I) began the screening of the plaques. We had a capacity of 540 boys for the race, and 300 are pre-paid.

We anticipate an additional 30 or so to register before the 18th (race day).

I wanted to send a couple of shots I took today. Knowing you have done this project fo a few years, I shot the one photo of them drying on my sidewalk with you in mind. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.

I took a couple of sample plaques to a roundtable and let the leaders choose between a painted version and natural..... their choice explains the natural wood in the photos.

The event happens in less than 1 week and if interested, I'll send some images.....

Take care, thanks again!
Ron Morrison CM Pack 240

The pictures that Ron sent along just about "knocked my socks off"... I had to share them. The RT group's acceptance of "natural wood" eliminated a part of the difficulty, but it was still a big job! Ron, thank you for sharing this with us!

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