October & November 1997 Roundtable

Wotamalo District
W.D. Boyce Council BSA
October 2 and November 6, 1997

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Ana "B" Wagner

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Don Gensler

Why Roundtable?

Roundtable is a monthly district meeting for all unit Scouters. It is led by the RT Commissioner and RT Staff who provide put on a planned, hour and a half program for the unit leaders. The pictures here are from the general sessions of our Cub Leaders RT and our Boy Scout Leaders RT. The Cub RT also has "break-out sessions which can address the individual leaders needs more specifically.

Roundtable helps with the "skill" to do scouting... but it is much more powerful in instilling the "will" to do scouting.

Some October and November Roundtable Activities

Cub Scout Leader Roundtable

  1. Roundtable Commissioner, Ana Wagner, watches the plan work. Don't mess with Ana... when she isn't running roundtable, she trains the council's range directors. Note the creases in the uniform... Could Ana be ex-military?

  2. Recognition. Cub-O-Ree co-chairmen Steve Dodd (R) and Rich Little (L) receive thanks for their efforts. Momentos are framed and signed prints of the Event T-Shirt print. Barb Pope, District Cub Program Chairman, is "framed" between them.

  3. Information. Here our District Executive, Joe Sekera, has a few "Announcements", interupted only briefly by singing. Joe has a new E-Mail address: JSekera@mtco.com (Note... it changed about the first of 1998!).

  4. These Roundtable Theme-books (40 sides of useful "stuff") have become a very popular part of our Cub Roundtable. Originally, they were one of Barb Pope's ticket items. The ticket is long since worked (she used to be a Beaver), but the Theme Books continue. Their popularity is so great that we had a near lynching when the Scouter who arranges copying was late arriving with them. (Alright, I exaggerate a little.)

    Aside from the annual budget from council which provides two copies of the RT Guide, the suggested $1 donations for the theme books provides the entire RT operating funds.

  5. Joe Sekera (DE) provides for incoming/outgoing information. There is a folder for each pack and a folder for the DE and District Commissioner.

  6. Participation. Attendee Gary Towne (L), past Den Chief Breakout chairman and next year's Cub Day Camp Director, enjoys the program. I wonder what he is going to do with that little flashlight in his pocket? Bob Matthesen (R) can't quite believe all this is going on.

  7. Jane E. Catton (R), unit leader from this district and RT Staff from another district, shows this year's POW WOW shirt. Jane will do five sessions of her popular Neckerchief Slides program at POW WOW this year!

  8. Setting the Example. Not a Wood Badge skill (at least when I took Cub Trainer Wood Badge) but still important. Here, a ceremony based on the 3-Ring Circus theme is demonstrated.

  9. Another recognition... Rich Little (L) has completed the requirement for the Den Leader Award.

  10. Presenter Steve Dodd figures out how to be "taller" than the recipient.

  11. Pack 234 Den Leader, Roberto Avina, rings the holiday bell that he made in the Den Leaders split session.

  12. Another Den Leader tells about the Good Turn Tree. That "post-it" leaf is the first good turn description to be hung on the tree.

  13. In the Pack Administration split session Barb Pope talks. It must be important because almost everyone is taking notes!

  14. Pack 206 Cubmaster, Wayne Williams, tells how his pack embellished the attendance cubby.

  15. Cubmaster, Dave Gillespie, and other leaders from Pack 234 receive the attendance cubby and Wayne's admonition on proper conduct with the cubby.

  16. With all the new faces, name tags are important. These durable, reusable name tags have "safety pins" hot glued onto their backs. They always come back at the end of the meeting, because the names are drawn from the bin of returned name tags to determine the door prize winners. A supply of "blanks" is kept so that newcomers can be labeled just like the old hands.

Boy Scout Leader Roundtable

  1. Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Don Gensler, expounds.

  2. Sharing ideas...

  3. New Scout Leader, Tim Anderson, tells about how to recognize and treat symptoms of hypothermia and other cold weather camping maladies. This is Tim's first roundtable presentation as an adult Scout Leader! Welcome aboard, Tim!

  4. Commissioner Scott Blakeley, a refugee from Minnesota, tells about cold weather shelters, such as Snow Huts. We knew Scott was a fisherman when he held his hands about 18 inches apart and said to break sticks to about 6 inches. Then push the sticks into the outside of a pile of snow to use as wall-thickness indicators when hollowing out the snow pile.

  5. Scoutmaster Bill Cullom tells about cold weather sleeping gear. Bill shows how to insulate "from the ground up" and "from the inside out".

  6. Commissioner Russ Smith tells about cold-weather footwear. As a serious ice fisherman, Russ has lots of experience in keeping his feet warm.

  7. Part of the crowd.

  8. More of the crowd. Not all of the important stuff happens in the front of the room.

  9. Jamboree contingent Scoutmaster, Mike Rowe listens with one ear.

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