Displaying Roundtable Attendance

Here is an easy way for Roundtable Attendees to record their presence. This is very helpful for screening if you award a roundtable attendance recognition "Cubbie". (Our "cubbie" starts each year as a very plain stick about 5 feet long and about 2" in diameter. The as yet unrecognized unit with the highest percentage attendance is charged to embellish it, display it, protect it, and bring it back to the next roundtable to describe their experiences with it and to pass it on to the next recipient.)

[roundtable attendance]

Each panel is about 8" wide and as long as need be. This was made from plywood, but 1X8 pine would work, too. The holes are drilled 1/64" larger than the size of the pegs, which are made from 5/16" dowel. A drill press will help you obtain consistent depth. A larger drill (3/8" to 1/2") is used to relieve the corners of the holes.

[roundtable attendance closeup]

The city names and unit numbers are made from 1/8" thick stock and stuck "temporarily" in place. The numbers and letter are Mylar letters.
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