"Stearns-Borom Method" Request

I received this email. I can vouch only that part of the documentation that accompanies the Stearns Method software bears the authorship of Marc Borom. It is not my place to rename someone else's software, but I think that it is proper to pass along this background information.

Subj: Pinewood Derby methods
Date: 10/20/2003 3:36:21 PM Central Daylight Time
From: borommarc@earthlink.net
To: StanDCmr@aol.com

Dear Stan,

I am very pleased to find that the "Stearns Method" was finally picked up by the cub scouting community. I am, however, disappointed that my contribution to the Pinewood Derby program has been omitted. I, as Pack Master back in 1975, originally asked Dick Stearns (a neighbor, friend, and cub scout father) if he could do what he finally did mathematically.

The program would never have happened without my ability to translate what he provided into a system that could be implemented at the pack meeting. Furthermore, it would not have finally received the recognition that it finally has (great job!) without the article I wrote - "How to Run a Better Pinewood Derby". I originally had Richard Stearns on the article as co-author. He elected to not include his name, since he felt little contribution to the implementation. I disseminated the article wherever I could find a willing ear. Scouting headquarters, on the other hand, rejected the article each of the several times I submitted it. The technique has been spread by the grape vine, and now by the Internet, and others have written similar programs. I am pleased about that.

What I am asking you to do is to give me my 15 minutes of fame by referring to the method as the "Stearns-Borom Method"

Marc Borom

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