Answers for the Test in
Learn to Build a Winner

By Stan Pope

At the end of my book Learn to Build a Winner there is a test. The reader is challenged to go beyond the conventional and design a car that beats a well-prepared car. What follows are the performance of several of the submitted designs as compared to my own answers to the test questions.

0.000AMy answer to Q2
Adds second step "outside the box"
0.211ATim G - Q1 6/11/00
0.963BSteve E - Q2 1/4/01
0.976AMy answer to Q1
Takes a step "outside the box"
1.010BTom H - Q1 3/17/00
1.054BTony G. - Q1 8/30/01
1.224BJohn C. - Q1 3W 2/5/01
1.408C3-Wheel CM at 1.3
The car to beat!
1.577BGregory - Q1 3W 1/28/01
2.402BSteve E - Q1 1/4/01
2.457BTony G. - Q2 8/30/01
2.668BJohn C. - Q1 4W 2/5/01
2.689BCorey S - Q1 3/4/00
2.785CBen V - Q1 2/20/00
2.798CJeff - Q1 2/20/00
2.805C3-Wheel CM at 2.3
2.855C4-Wheel CM at 1.3
3.037CJill N - Q1 1/21/00
3.111CKeith A - Q1 3/2/00
3.129BTom R. - Q1 3/8/01
3.511BTyler - Q1 1/8/01
4.174CBC - Q1 10/31/00

Design Concept Key:
A - That is what you are trying to find.
B - Raised CM, 3 or 4 Wheels
C - Variety of other designs.

Some submissions are excluded because they did not conform to the design constraints (e.g. location of center of mass), or they had missing or conflicting information that I was unable to resolve with the sender, or they were not serious (e.g. length of 3 inches and wheelbase of 6 inches).
First Publication: 2/11/2001
Latest update: 9/1/2001
Copyright 2001 © by Stan Pope. All rights reserved.