Bridge for Webelos Crossover



[span detail]
Be a bit choosy about the 2X4's selected for the 5' spans. Watch especially for edge knots! Don't skimp on the material strength here.
[left legs detail] The shearing force on the broomstick appears to peak at about 600 to 800 pounds (more if the scout has a high activity level) so don't skimp on the material strength. (With the materials and construction shown, bridge is reported to have survived the "Joe Mast jump test," and Joe is no 115 lb. weakling!)
[right legs detail]
[one leg]
[steps detail] Look for ways to strengthen the attachment of the steps to the stringers (legs). The steps are attached and supported by two screws at each end. The steps were not subjected to the "Joe Mast jump test.")
[bill of materials]

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