Display N-Elim Rounds

The purpose of this page is to help you visualize the progress on an N-Elimination race. It will display the round-by-round population in the various groups. Make sure that Javascript is enabled, enter your parameters, and push the "make button".

Note: If the number entered for "Winners per heat" is not less than the number of cars in a heat, the number of "winners per heat" will be reduced to 1. This is important as the groups become very small.

Enter the main title for the table:
Enter Number of Lanes (2 thru 6):
Enter Number of Winners per heat (1 thru 5):
Enter Count To Elimination:
Enter Number of Cars (2 thru 99999):
Original publication: 9/7/1999
Latest revisions: 12/5/2010 - Correct "Contested Runs" count for 2-lane tracks

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Permission is granted to store this file unchanged on your computer for "off-line" analysis for your pack, district, or council races.