Bent Axle Alignment Process

By Stan Pope

Making all the wheels of a Pinewood Derby Car work together rather than working against each other is one of the elusive goals of Pinewood Derby Car creation. The enclosed video and supporting material tells how to use bent axles to achieve excellent alignment and to accomplish it in a modest amount of time. My average time to complete rear end alignment is about 3 minutes, which is about one fifth the running time of the video that explains the process! Tuning the dominant front wheel for best time will require a few runs down a full size track (or "set and forget" based on popular drift measures).

The video explains the alignment steps. An earlier video showed the alignment steps being performed, so after seeing the explanation and using the "mnemonic", revisit that video ... the "pieces should all come together for you."

Here are the lists that are shown (briefly) in the video. Open the lists in a separate window for reference during (and after) the Explanation video.



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