Pope's Place Site Change History

12/19/2008 - pwtimed.html - Timed Pinewood Racing Considerations.

Lots of things to think about and traps to avoid when planning a Pinewood Derby in which cars "race the clock."

12/16/2008 - blank car.pdf, std bsa car plan.pdf, adobe-printing layers.pdf, pwportal.html - See links at Pope's Pinewood Portal.

Pinewood Car planning sheets by guest authors David Fengler and Andy Holzer.

12/10/2008 - index.html, index.htm, home.html - Popes Place

Moved list of site areas to left side bar and cleaned up the central text section.

12/8/2008 - cmcomput.htm - Center of Mass Computation Aids

Added work around for loop error when Add CM Loc X is 0 for Center of Mass computations;
Added functions to Center of Mass computation to allow using a computed result as the basis for further computations.

11/17/2008 - stearnsborom.html - "Stearns-Borom Method" Request

New page showing communication from Marc Borom regarding authorship and naming of Stearns Method for scheduling pinewood derby races.

11/14/2008 - millie.html - Great Aunt Millie

New page telling the story of "Great Aunt Millie" as posted on the SETI Forum in 2003 and 2004. Great Aunt Millie participated in the SETI@home project for analyzing data from Arecibo Radio Telescope, looking for signals of likely non-natural origin. Unfortunately, Great Aunt Millie had a very slow computer and only operated it a few hours a week.

11/14/2008 - csportal.html, csportal.php - Pope's Cub Scout Corner

Recoded the random "silly elephant jokes" as php scripts to reduce the size of the file transferred and to withhold the script text and joke table.

10/26/2008 - most files - "Read the page to me!"

Most pages received an icon hyperlink in the page header that launches the MP3 file equivalent of the page text. In most installations, this will cause the user's MP3 player program to play the file. Most of the MP3 files are voiced by "Mary", a default text-to-speech voice.

10/18/2008 - silkscrn.html - Silk Screen Printing for Fun

Replaced obsolete cost estimates and brief generic descriptions of equipment and materials with examples supported by links into Dick Blick Art Supplies catalog.

10/dd/2008 - all files

Moved whole website to new host and URL (stanpope.net) and changed some code that did not function well outside AOL.

09/18/2008 - braid.html, braidms.html - Woggles, Turk's Head Knots, and Other Single-Strand Braids

Fix malformed GIF files.

Latest update: 12/19/2008
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