Links from AOL Members to the New Pope's Place

Between October 1 and October 31 I migrated my "Pope's Place" website from AOL to my own domain, It was not by choice, although I have considered doing so for some time. It was because AOL closed its "hometown" web hosting for member sites.

I managed to acquire a few gigabytes of space and bandwidth to house my site and migrated the site during the first third of the month. Then I replaced the entire AOL site with pages that forwarded readers to the new domain. Third, I worked through Google to make sure that the new site was indexed. Then I started working through the 1500 links on other web sites to get those webmasters to update their links. Finally, I made this page so that the poor feller who only had a link could search for the old link in his favorite search engine to find the new location.

Here are links to the new pages:

Original publication: 11/03/2008

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